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Our Orange & Mandarin Soda is light, juicy and refreshing with natural fresh citrus notes.
4 x 300ml bottles

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Orange Juice (4%), Sugar, Orange Extract, Mandarin Extract, Acidity Regular (Citric Acid), Ginseng Extract, Natural Colour (Beta-carotene), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid)

NZ Made

Our entire range is made in New Zealand, from the highest quality, locally sourced, natural ingredients.

Low cal

At only 36 calories a serve, Sundays Drinks will refresh your palette without the sugar hit.

Mood booster

Every flavour has a pop of ginseng added to give you a boost of positive mental energy

This refreshing soda is sure to please - a classic flavour loved by young and old, sophisticated and safe, gulpers and sippers. We promise this one's going to be a staple in the household fridge every day, not just for Sundays.

This refreshing soda tastes like it is straight from the orchards in Gisborne. And that’s exactly where our orange extract comes from! The beautiful and sunshine filled orchards of East Coast of the North Island. Our New Zealand-made beverage has the added bonus of being low sugar and low calorie – 36 calories per bottle to be exact!

Sundays are for every occasion, every day and not just for Sundays. Drink our sodas for as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink or add to your favourite alcohol as a delicious mixer.