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The Sundays Story

Why did we decide to launch Sundays Drinks?

Well, quite simply, we couldn’t find a drink to satisfy all our needs so, as entrepreneurial women, we decided to create our own! After a great deal of testing and trialling we finally cracked it and are excited to launch three incredible flavours that tick all the boxes. Our drinks range:

  • Is refreshing and light, with no overwhelmingly sweet sugar hit
  • Contains no fake sugars or sweeteners
  • Offers a sophisticated non-alcoholic option to enjoy at a restaurant, bar or at home
  • Can be enjoyed by pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Can be used as a low cal mixer for cocktails
  • Isn’t just for the abstainers or sober
  • Isn’t non-alcoholic trying to be alcoholic
  • Will elevate a mid-week catch up, Friday drinks party, Sunday brunch or anything in between
  • Will boost your mood and energise your spirit
  • Is made in New Zealand, from top quality New Zealand ingredients.

Watch this space though, as this is just the beginning and new ideas are already in the pipeline!

Laura + Claire xx